Speakman Shower Head Reviews

Speakman shower heads are known to be among the best items that anyone can buy for their bathrooms.

They offer great high pressure and adjustable shower heads that are considered as one of the best. The Speakman Shower Head model of S-2252 is one of the leading Speakman’s shower heads in the market.

This model is made with an amazing stylish design that has innovative patents that give it the ability to produce different patterns. It also comes in multiple colours as well as providing a great performance.

With great features that enable the shower head have a powerful pressure; it also comes with 64 water spray that is specifically designed to give this kind of pressure.

This unit also enables you to either get an 8 plug setting or a six plug setting. Overall it is a great shower head that is compatible with many bathrooms. It also ensure a good look to any bathroom with its brass stylish design shower head.

Speakman shower head reviews/ 5 major features

1. Anystream 360 degree technology

Speakman’s S-2252 patented anystream 360 degree technology enables the user  to comfortably get different spray patterns by just rotating the handle of the shower head.

The technology enables a full 360 degrees rotation of the shower head to give access to the patterns control and adjust the volume of the spray.

Therefore this technology is made to create multiple spray patterns that are suitable to any person’s preference.

Anyone can set the spray according to the pressure and pattern they desire; thanks to anystream technology.

2. Self-cleaning nozzles

The tool has a great feature that makes it stand out from other brands. Its self-cleaning nozzles are a feature that attracts many users into using this item. This feature makes cleaning and maintaining of the shower head a simple thing.

Usually adjusting and readjusting the shower head is enough to clean the shower head.

When you are changing patterns usually it makes the mineral deposits to dislodge from the shower head.

Any other normal mineral build up can be cleaned from the shower head nozzles by the use of soap. Otherwise any other build up will be cleaned by the self-cleaning nozzles.

3.Speakman’s patented plunger system

This model has a 6 plunger system. You can also get an 8 plunger system with a higher number of sprays. The six plungers feature utilizes the Speakmans patented plunger system.

This feature mainly ensures a stronger and invigorating shower sprays for the user despite of the water pressure in the homestead. Whether your household water pressure is low, this system will enable the shower head to have a great water pressure.

It gives maximum sprays that will do excellent work even in washing long hairs. This is one of the features that make this model stand out as a high pressure shower system.

4. 48 customizable water sprays

The Speakman’s S-2252 features a unique 48 individual spray patterns settings that can make any user comfortable with their own settings. The patterns are customizable by simply turning the lever’s handle.

You can choose to go with intense setting or shower rain setting where the sprays are more gentle and larger.

Shower head raining setting offers a drenching thick spray of water compared to intense where the water comes in thin powerful jets. This feature will help any user choose the best setting that they want for their shower.

5. 2.5 GMPFlow rate

The S-2252 Speakman shower head model saves water. It uses the standard 2.5 gallons of water per minute.

This feature is great in helping conserve water in households and in general. This means that you will use 25 gallons of water for a ten minute flowing shower.

Compared with other showers in the category, this model serves well and conserves a great deal of water in the long run. This is another great feature that makes this shower head to be great.

Why Should You Use Speakman Shower Head?

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1. Design

This shower head has an iconic and amazing design that makes it look good in any bathroom. It is designed with high technology to deliver a range of patterns that fits into the user preference.

2. Performance 

It gives a great luxurious service effortlessly. Its performance is on top with its capability to self-clean with its nozzles.

It has adjustable spray patterns that deliver water in a fast and comfortable way that is preferred by the user. It is a reliable shower head and you can rely on it even when your household water pressure is low.

3. Great features

This shower head has great features. This is a more good reason to use it. From anystream technology to self-cleaning nozzles to 48 unique spray settings; this shower head is amazing.

Its features make it deliver the best comfortable shower experience to the user. It is extremely amazing and goes far in conserving water.

4. Durable

Speakman S-2252 is made with strong brass metal that is durable. The materials used to make this shower head is of high quality thus increasing its durability.

Its self-cleaning nozzles ensure cleaning and maintenance is done to the shower head and in so doing, they increase its durability. Overall this shower head once installed in a homestead, it will serve for quite a long time. It is a great value for the money.

5. Easy to install

Even though the shower head is heavy; it is quite easy to install. It does not require many processes. Any plumber can easily install it for you at any time. It also takes less time to install.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is this product made?

It is made in China.

  1. Is the shower head adjustable to the sideways and up and down?


  1. What is the difference between 5 and 8 holes shower heads?

The 8 holes sprayer gives a broader stream of water but overall both have excellent pressure.

  1. Does this item come with the Teflon tape?

Yes it does.

  1. Is this shower head good in rinsing long hair?

Absolutely, it is excellent.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, this shower head is good for those people who want a high pressure shower head. It delivers the best intense water sprays. Considering the fact that it has great features like self-cleaning, classic design, great patterns and ability to rotate.

It therefore becomes worthy of considering among many other options. Even though the price of Speakman S-2252 shower head may not be affordable to all people, it is worth a try or even getting a similar Speakman product at a cheaper price is better.

This product in the long run will not disappoint you since it is an amazing and great product.

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