How to Remove Shower Drain Cover

Introduction Shower drain covers are very important in preventing small things like razor blades, small pieces of jewelry, hairpins etc. from going down the drain. However, there is one thing that the drain covers easily let past them: your hair! Shower drain covers cannot stop hair from floating into the drain, which eventually leads to … Read more

Is Your Shower Drain Clogged? Here are 8 Ways to Prevent It!

Clogging in shower drains happen due to various reasons. The usual culprits include hair, skin cells, grease, and soap. These clogs do not happen overnight; instead, they cluster slowly, over different periods. It is smart to be prepared for any eventuality than to wait for the plumbing to give way to problems, and then call … Read more

How to Clean Shower Drains – A DIY Guide to Maintaining Drain Hygiene

You woke up early in the morning to get a quick shower, but your bathroom is practically flooding in murky, soapy water. We have all been there. Clogged drains occur as a result of anything, from a small blockage to significant obstruction in the mainline. Many simple and straightforward methods can unclog shower drains. You … Read more

How to Clean a Bathtubs

Cleaning of the bathtub is more than a duty; it’s a necessity! Therefore, it’s expedient that you learn how to clean it first so that you would be able to carry out the exercise distinctively. One reason why you should learn how you can clean every section of a bathtub is to prevent causing damages … Read more

Where Can I Buy a Shower Head | Educating!

Shower heads are undoubtedly recommended to all house owners who need maximum conveniences while bathing. It sprays water exquisitely in measures. You may thinking where can i buy a shower head. Do not think you have solutions for you. However, it depends on the very one that you purchased. There are some with a single … Read more

What Causes a Shower Head Drip | 8 Points

An occurrence that you’d find with shower heads is leakage no doubt. It could be caused by various reasons. However, the major error that people never fail to recover from is assumptions.for what causes a shower head to drip. It could be right or wrong and this could make them spoil their shower heads even … Read more

How to Unclog Shower Head | A PRO Taught This

A shower head is an ultimate equipment that you need to keep safe and clean in your bathroom. Meanwhile, any other thing is secondary, why? Because the safer it is, the safer the water you use and the more comfortable it is for you to pump out your water. That’s why you need to know … Read more

How To Install A Shower Head?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It is actually very easy to install a shower head on your own. You can install your shower head in minutes using the fundamental instruments. Below you will be assisted on how to do it. Replacing a shower head enable individuals enhance their bathroom aesthetics or just fix their leaky issue with the shower head. You … Read more

How to Clean Shower Head?

Have you ever been in the shower and the water is just beginning to shoot you from all directions in the face because the holes in the head of the shower are being blocked? So if you are in the same predicament, you might be surprised to find out that the only thing that is … Read more