9 Best Bathroom Air Fresheners Review and Buying Guide

Bathrooms are typically small confined rooms that are bound to smell unpleasant once in a while. It doesn’t matter how promptly you clean up after yourself because the growing mold and mildew will eventually contribute to the foul odor.

Many people turn towards strong air fresheners to get rid of this unpleasant odor. They usually believe that a strong fragrance can counteract the bad smell, while in reality the two end up mixing together to form an even worse odor. Some fragrances are indeed better to breathe in compared to the bad bathroom smell, but they are not suitable for bathrooms due to their inability to neutralize the unpleasant odor; therefore, they combine together to create an even more awful smell – this is why it is important to know the right factors to look for in an air freshener before buying one.

In this article, we have highlighted all the necessary factors that you need to know of before purchasing an air freshener, along with reviews of some of the best air fresheners available.

Best Bathroom Air Fresheners- Top 3 Recommendation

Before-You-Go by Poo Pourri
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Air Purifying Bags by Moso Natural
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Unicorn Toilet Spray – Squatty Potty
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9 Best Air Fresheners for Your Bathroom

If you want to save yourself from the embarrassment of a bad bathroom odor, then you definitely need an air freshener. Before you look into the plethora of air fresheners available in the market, take a look at the nine best air fresheners that we have reviewed for you below:


Freshmatic Automatic Air Freshener by Air Wick

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The Freshmatic Automatic Air Freshener by Air Wick comes with a dispenser and a free refill can. The automatic dispenser releases up to 2400 sprays for nearly 60 days; this means that you can remain tension-free for up to months.

This air freshener can efficiently neutralize any type of bad small with its three types of scents, which include sun-bleached driftwood, warm breeze, and salty sea. You can easily switch between the three scents with the given controls. Hence, it is a good choice for people who prefer light and sensitive scents. The dispenser also has a decent decorative finish, which adds to your bathroom’s decor.

Things you may like

  • Quite affordable
  • Option to switch between different scents
  • Free refill can

Things you may not like

  • The plastic dispenser might not last for longer than three months.


Air Freshener Spray by Lysol Neutra

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The Air Freshener Spray by Lysol Neutra is an automatic air freshener that comes with a free refill can and two AA batteries. It can last for up to 60 days before needing to be refilled but only if you keep the timer at its lowest setting, which is 1 spray every 36 minutes. The other two options let you choose between 1 spray every 18 minutes and 1 spray every 9 minutes.

The air freshener’s sweet scent is really good for counteracting the bad and bacterial bathroom odor. The dispenser’s scent-releasing point is at a wide and elevated angle, which enables it to evenly distribute the scent over a large area. It is suitable not only for bathrooms but also bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and other parts of the house.

The dispenser is compatible with various brands’ refill cans, like Wick and Glade. The scent of this air freshener might be a little too overwhelming for some people, so it’s actually better to keep it at the lowest setting.

Things you may like

  • Compatible with various brands’ refills
  • Easy to install
  • Not noisy
  • The installed fragrance can last for up to 60 days if kept on the lowest setting

Things you may not like

  • Several users have reported the cans leaking
  • Creates a slippery layer on the floor or any furniture it falls on


Automatic Air Freshener by Glade

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The Automatic Air Freshener kit by Glade is a great decorative piece to add to your bathroom. The package contains a dispenser, a refill can, and batteries. Its easy and sleek design makes it convenient to use, install, and carry around. You can easily refill the spray can with its latch design.

The dispenser lets you choose between three spraying intervals: 9, 18, and 36 minutes; thus, you can choose the optimum intervals for your bathroom depending upon your use and requirements. It also offers a boost button for any situation where you might need a stronger scent, such as when your bathroom is busy.

The scents can be adjusted between the six different levels of Hawaiian breeze, which ranges from floral to tropical island breeze. You can switch from one scent to another any time you want, which is a major plus point. This air freshener does not force you to smell the same fragrance for 60 days straight, so you won’t get bored.

Things you may like

  • Three timer settings
  • Six different scents
  • Easy to install and to use
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Compatible with Air Wick and Lysol Neutra spray cans
  • Offers a boost button
  • Spray can last for up to 60 days if left at the lowest timer setting

Things you may not like

  • The dispenser is a bit noisy
  • The scent might be strong for small bathrooms even at the lowest timer setting


Glowbowl Air Freshener

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The Glowbowl Air Freshener is a unique air freshener that has to be set on the wall of the toilet bowl. Its main purpose is to light up the toilet at night, but it also has a built-in air freshener. It keeps your bathroom bright and fragrant all the time.

The air freshener’s LED light offers 13 different colors that you can manually choose or set on carousel mode, which changes color every 4 seconds. It also has a motion detection feature that turns the light on the moment it detects someone nearby. It is quite easy to install and to maintain. You can clean it with one of your household cleaners without any tension of destroying it. Its water-resistant feature makes it quite durable.

Things you may like

  • The LED lights are an additional feature
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to clean and to maintain
  • Fits all toilet sizes

Things you may not like

  • The air freshener needs to be frequently refilled
  • It uses a specific air freshener and is not compatible with other brands


Air Purifying Bags by Moso Natural

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These Air Purifying Bags by Moso Natural are cloth bags with bamboo charcoal. These bags are amazing air purifiers due to the bamboo charcoal and its exceptional odor and moisture absorbing capability. It can absorb chemicals as well as any bacteria present in the air.

You can place these bags even inside your car or closets. This deodorizer can cover up to 90 square feet so you’ll need to buy two of them if your bathroom is bigger than that. You might find these air purifying bags to be a little expensive than other air fresheners, but their 2 years’ lifespan is longer than any other’s. You can simply keep the product in sunlight for an hour once a month in order to rejuvenate it.

This product only weighs about 200g and can be carried to wherever you want. This all-natural product is safe for people with allergies, as it does not release any toxins or chemicals in the air.

The charcoal utilized in this product can also be a good fertilizer; you can add it to the soil after two years of use.

Things you may like

  • Long-lasting
  • Portable
  • Does not aggravate any allergies
  • Easy to maintain and easy to use

Things you may not like

  • Might be a little slow
  • Cannot be refilled


Aromatherapy Air Freshener by VIOIS

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The Aromatherapy Air Freshener by VIOIS is an all-natural aromatherapy air freshener that has essential oils, rose petals, and water crystals. It has the power to make your bathroom smell like a garden. The mixture of scents is amazingly pleasant and does a good job at trapping foul bathroom smells.

The product does not emit any harmful chemicals or allergens; this makes it more suitable for people with allergies compared to artificial air fresheners. Its relaxing and pleasant scent saves you from headaches associated with overwhelming scents.

This air freshener is super easy to use and does not require any maintenance. Just remove the lid located under the cap and shake the jar to activate the air freshener. The formula lasts for up to 60 days. The classic style of the product suits various decors and fits in almost every corner; you can place it in your car or any other place you want.

Things you may like

  • Classic style
  • Great scent
  • Natural fragrances
  • Good for people with allergies

Things you may not like

  • Might be a little strong for some people


Unicorn Toilet Spray by Squatty Potty

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The Unicorn Toilet Spray by Squatty Potty is a manual air freshener spray which has to be sprayed above the toilet after every use. Its nanoparticles contain pure gold and are very efficient in killing bad odors. The natural oils present along with the nanoparticles trap the bad odor underwater and make your bathroom smell fresh and pleasant.

This spray is available in five scents, including fruity booty, mystic forest, a pinch of vanilla, tropical dropsicle, and citrus squeeze. These scents last for an entire day. You can also carry the spray bottle to your workplace, outhouse, etc.

You have to be careful while choosing this product. The chemicals in it can be harmful for sensitive people.

Things you may like

  • Traps bacteria underwater
  • Available in a variety of scents
  • Portable

Things you may not like

  • Does not last for long if it is used by five or more people


Fresh Wave Gel by Fresh Wave

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The Fresh Wave Gel by Fresh Wave is an odor removing gel that contains a combination of ingredients obtained from plants like lime, cedar wood, pine needle, etc. The natural smell of these ingredients makes your bathroom always smell fresh and clean. It is efficient in removing all kinds of odors, including trash, mildew, pet odor, cigarette, bathroom odor, etc. This makes it suitable for almost every room in your house.

This product has been manufactured in Indiana and does not include any harmful chemicals, which means that it is safe for people, animals, and even for the environment. Hence, you do not have to worry about your allergies either.

The gel lasts for up to a month and can be easily refilled when needed. The product has a nice appearance and is portable as well, so you can take it wherever you want.

Things you may like

  • Long-lasting and pleasant scent
  • Made up of completely natural ingredients
  • Stylish appearance
  • Portable

Things you may not like

  • You might need some time to get used to the scent


Before-You-Go by Poo Pourri

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The Before-You-Go toilet spray by Poo Pourri is a lifesaver. All you need to do is spray it in the toilet bowl before you go to the bathroom and leave the rest to this amazing product. It will trap the bad odor underwater even before it could touch the air above.

The spray is made up of essential oils and smells like grapefruit, lemongrass, and bergamot blended. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and is suitable for everyone.

Things you may like

  • Has a subtle and pleasant scent
  • Affordable
  • Does not contain any toxic chemicals
  • Long-lasting and effective

Things you may not like

  • The spray bottle might leak

Air Freshener Buying Guide

Air fresheners are available in a great variety of scents, capacity, and costs; this makes it really difficult to choose the right one for your bathroom. Some people have a specific factor in mind that they consider when buying an air freshener – that might be the price, type of dispenser, scent, etc. However, considering one aspect and ignoring the rest might help you choose an adequate air freshener but it might not be the best choice.

If you want the best possible air freshener, you need to consider all the following factors before buying one:

      • Regular Needs

It is important to determine what type of smell you want your bathroom to welcome you with each time you enter. If your toilet currently smells strongly like mold, then you’ll definitely need an air freshener with a stronger fragrance. Lighter fragrances are indeed pleasant but cannot easily fight the bad odors.

      • Dispenser Feature

There are two types of air fresheners: manual and automatic. The manual air freshener looks like any other spray and has to be sprayed by hand when required. On the other hand, the automatic air freshener releases the scent automatically at specific time intervals. They have a set timer varying from one minute to thirty minutes. Some of the automatic deodorizers are equipped with a sensor that tells them when to release the fragrance.

These automatic deodorizers are useful for keeping your bathrooms odor-free even in your absence. If you have a small bathroom, you can go for a deodorizer that has longer intervals. However, in the case of a large bathroom, a thirty-minute interval is sufficient.

If you want to control the spraying action yourself, then it is better to go for a manual air freshener.

      • Refill Option

Some air fresheners need to be refilled sooner than others. Cheaper brands offer a usage period of around 30 days or so after which they have to be refilled. However, some bigger brands provide a longer-lasting period, which might be up to 60 days; this can help you save some money. Hence, make sure that you check the longevity of the air freshener can beforehand.

      • Compatibility

Some air freshener dispensers are compatible with a variety of air freshener cans from different brands. It is advisable to buy such types of air freshener dispensers as they allow you to enjoy a variety of fragrances from different brands.

      • Coverage by the Air Freshener

Some air fresheners provide intense bursts of scents that take quite long to spread all over the place. The scent can hardly spread out evenly with such types of air fresheners, which is not quite preferable. Therefore, you should choose an air freshener that can distribute the scent evenly throughout the bathroom.

      • Natural Alternatives

Some air fresheners use natural ingredients and methods for eliminating any bad bathroom odor. If you are afraid of inhaling synthetic chemicals, you should look for air fresheners that have more natural ingredients.

Some air fresheners, especially the chemical ones, might not be suitable for people with allergies. You need to make sure that the product you are buying will not aggravate your or your family’s allergies.

      • Budget

You’ll find some prominent price differences in air fresheners based upon their types and brands. You can find some cheaper products from well-known brands as well, but that mainly depends on your definition of ‘cheap’.

You should definitely consider all the above-mentioned factors while deciding which bathroom air freshener to buy. Looking into these aspects will ensure that you end up with the best option for you.


A bathroom air freshener has become a necessity, whether you believe it or not. It keeps your bathroom fresh and fragrant and saves you from any kind of embarrassment when you have guests over. Different types of bathroom air fresheners are available in scents, while being affordable. We would recommend you to check out Moso Natural for some long-lasting products and Poo Pourri for the best-selling toilet sprays.

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